Stream with Oskar Wedde

More and more people are watching the streaming to Oskar Wedde while they are playing poker online.

During the ongoing Norwegian Championship in online poker, many have discovered that it is possible to get company by Oskar Wedde while they are fighting for the title.

The former Norwegian champion in No Limit Hold ‘em Turbo (Gardermoen, 2017) has recently held streaming broadcasts for Let’s Go Poker at Twitch, most often with Jon Kyte.

There they discuss hands and chatter while people can look at both them and a table they pick up from the actual tournament they are focusing on.

Wedde started streaming in the fall of 2017, after some friends commented that it was fun to watch his poker game.

When Fiona Sand made Let’s Go Poker this summer, she announced that they needed streamers, so I thought “Why not?” I think both poker and streaming are fun, so I sent her a message. Since then, there has really been only one run of streams throughout the fall, Wedde tells

You can follow Wedde on Twitch here and YouTube here.

I think people appreciate hearing our opinions when it comes to poker, and I think it’s fun to play the same tournament as us while we are streaming. Discussing poker is something I think is really fun, and I personally think it’s also the best way to get better in the game, so we beat many flies in one slap by playing poker, discussing it, and entertaining people at the same time , Wedde believes.

The broadcasts during online NM have had 70-90 viewers at the same time, while a couple of thousand viewers are happy to come by the broadcast overall (according to Facebook’s video counter).